Online Scheduling/Pet Portal

Our online scheduling app is a fast, convenient, and instant way to book your next appointment with us. Already have an appointment? Follow the link to confirm your appointment time or make use of any of the other useful features in your pet portal.

Pet Portal

If you are a current client, you have a private, secure Pet Portal waiting for you and only need to provide some basic information that helps match you with your Pet Portal, and then create a password.

What can you do with your pet portal? You can see your pet’s information all from one source, connect with the clinic in new ways, schedule appointments online, and much more.


Convenient online instant scheduling.
Make a new appointment instantly with our online scheduling tool. See when your next appointment is scheduled or the exam is due.


Reminders for vaccinations sent through e-mail, text or automated voice (if we do not have a text or e-mail on file). Instant Medical Records.


Prescription medication refills, Prescription food refills.