Pet Boarding and Kennels

Welcome to Our Cat and Dog Boarding Service

Conveniently located in our West Knoxville office, our cat and dog boarding service offers a comfortable and caring environment for your furry friends. We strive to make each animal guest feel loved and cared for just as you would.

Dog Boarding Facilities

Indoor Climate-Controlled Lodging: Our dog boarding facilities feature individual lodging areas, each equipped with climate control to ensure your pet’s comfort.

Shared Lodging Option: Dogs from the same household can share lodging if requested, allowing them to stay together during their stay.

Activity and Potty Times: We provide three activity and potty breaks each day, allowing your dog to stretch their legs, enjoy some fresh air, and relieve themselves under the supervision of our attentive staff.

a dog wearing sunglasses and holding a ticket

Cat Boarding Facilities

Indoor Climate-Controlled Lodging: Our cat boarding facilities offer individual lodging areas with climate control to keep your feline friend cozy and content.

Shared Lodging Option: Cats from the same household can share lodging if requested, providing them with familiar companionship during their stay.

Separate Area: Our cat boarding area is designed to be a quiet and peaceful retreat away from the activity of the practice, ensuring a stress-free environment for your cat.

Personalized Care: Whether your pet is a dog or a cat, our attentive staff is dedicated to providing personalized care and attention throughout their stay. From regular monitoring to ensure their well-being to providing affectionate interactions, we strive to make your pet’s boarding experience as enjoyable as possible.

Boarding Options and Additional Services

At Northshore Animal Hospital, we offer a range of boarding options and additional services to ensure your pet’s stay is comfortable and enjoyable. Here are our available options:

Boarding Pricing


0-25 lbs $36
26-50 lbs $39
51-100 lbs $41
100+ lbs $46


All Cats $26


Baths and Grooms Pricing


0-25 lbs $37
26-50 lbs $42
51-100 lbs $51
100+ lbs $79


All Cats $42

Treat your pet to a refreshing bath or groom during their stay. Our professional grooming services will leave your companion looking and feeling their best.

Medication Charge

$4 per day
If your pet requires medication during their stay, we offer administration services to ensure they receive their medication as prescribed.

TLC Package

$6 per day
Our TLC Boarding Package includes extra pampering for your pet, including an additional daily walk, cuddle/brush time, and a 15-30 minute individualized playtime. This package is designed to provide personalized attention and enrichment for your pet’s stay.

Schedule Your Pet’s Stay

When you need to be away, trust Northshore Animal Hospital to care for your beloved pet like family. Contact us today to schedule your pet’s boarding reservation, and rest assured they’ll be in good hands while you’re away.